Fieldwork CD

ICTM-Ireland’s Fieldwork Cd features a range of field audio recordings made by members and affiliates of the organisation. The featured musics provide snapshots of the diverse interests of ICTM-Ireland members, expanding from Ireland to Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, East Asia and South Africa. The CD also features some classic pieces by such pioneers in the field as Tom Munnelly and John Blacking. Edited by Tony Langlois and Desi Wilkinson with technical support by Aoife Granville, and funded by the Arts Council in Ireland, the project’s aim is to illustrate ICTM-Ireland's unique mix of research into local and transnational indigenous musics, and to encourage newcomers to this field.


For a donation of €5 (via Paypal to cover the cost of postage) you can receive your copy of the Fieldwork CD. Please ensure your postal address is correct when you process your donation.

Dr Ioannis Tsioulakis


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