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Editor Tony Langlois
Deputy Editor Aileen Dillane
Reviews Editor  Méabh Ní Fhuartháin,
Technical Editor John Millar

Peer Review Panel for Ethnomusicology Ireland 5

John O’ Flynn, Ioannis Tsioulakis, John Morgan O’Connell
Rosemary Day, Aileen Dillane, Robin Parmar, Griffith J,Rollefson
Liz Mellish, Kevin Dawe, Aoife Granville, Martin J. Power,
Alan Dormer, Christopher Smith, Razia Sultonova

Review Panel 

Aoife Granville, Tristan le Govic,
Niall Vallely, Verena Commins

 Editor's Preface


  1. Do We Still Need To Think Musically? (Musings about an Old Friend, Fishing Nets, Templates, and Much More)Marcello Sorce-Keller
  2. Encoding Authenticity in Radio Music: Renfro Valley Barn Dance and Kentucky Folk MusicHelen Gubbins
  3. Sean-nós Song in the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Festival: The Aesthetics of Sean-nós Song Through the Gaze of the Oireachtas na Gaeilge AdjudicatorsEamonn Costello
  4. Radical Ethnomusicology: Towards a politics of “No Borders” and “insurgent musical citizenship” – Calais, Dunkerque and KurdistanEd Emery
  5. Choreographing the Self: Staged Folklore and Popular Music in Rural TajikistanFederico Spinetti
  6. A destabilising Pleasure: Representations of Alternative Music in Irish FanzinesCiaran Ryan
  7. Antonis’ Wedding: The Moment, The Music and Rites Between Tradition and Modernity in CyprusMichalis Poupazis
  8. Listening to Dissonance: Invoking a Reflexive Listening Practice in Researching Musical ExperienceHelen O’Shea
  9. Collecting Folk Music in the Land of the Zemzems: Report on the Turkmen expedition of 2011 János Sipos
  10. Singing the Memory of Sepharad: Traditional Sephardic Song and its InterpretationKaterina Garcia



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