ICTM Ireland Statement of Solidarity

ICTM Ireland

June 2020


ICTM Ireland stands against racism, injustice and marginalisation in society.  As ethnomusicologists and performers in Ireland, we often examine intersecting inequalities in our work, from gender and class discrimmination to systemic racism. Although recent shocking events have taken place outside the island of Ireland, reports of racism towards the Traveller Community, Roma and People of Colour in Ireland are on the rise. We join our colleagues around the world in condeming acts of racist violence.


We recognise that we have a duty of advocacy for anti-racisim and equality. We foster an anti-racist ethos in our organisation through our scholarship, teaching and acces to resources.


The ICTM Ireland committee invite our membership to engage and further develop this conversation in our work.

In Solidarity,


ICTM Ireland Committee