Annual Conference

Annual Conference 2024

Irish National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music & British Forum for Ethnomusicology

Joint Conference

19th Annual Conference

4-7 April 2023

University College Cork

The 2024 theme will be The Impacts of Ethnomusicology. Prospective participants are encouraged to submit proposals that resonate with this theme. However, presentations of any new research are also welcome, whether these engage with the theme or not.

Ethnomusicologists are dedicated to the nuanced understanding of humanity at both global and local levels. As researchers, we attend critically to the accumulated knowledge and insights of musicians, dancers and the communities that surround them: we analyse their commemorations of the past, their representations of present realities, their visions of a better world, and even their more dystopian dreams. But as witnesses to these moments where lives are remade through performance, how far are we, as ethnomusicologists, obligated to contribute to the social agendas of those whom we study?

In this conference we reflect upon the changes we envision and inspire through our efforts as ethnomusicologists. We encourage participants to share their experiences with regard to the planning and realization of cultural, societal or humanitarian benefits; the support of specific musicians, dancers and communities; or the broader safeguarding of the planet and its human and non-human inhabitants. We seek to take broader stock of the place of “applied” research in our discipline. The meeting is also a chance to reflect on the unintended consequences of our work, whether in the field or classroom and as engaged scholars, performers, activists, collaborators and mediators more broadly.


Deadline for abstracts: 13 November 2023.

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We encourage a variety of methodological approaches and subject areas including but
not limited to those researching instrumental music, popular styles, community music,
music therapy, folklore studies, musicology, ethnomusicology, ethnochoreology, and
applied research inside and outside the academy to contribute to the discussion.