Anthropological Association of Ireland Conference

The Art of Anthropology

2 – 3 September 2011

School of Art & Design

University of Ulster

York Street

Belfast BT15 1ED

Keynote Speaker: Professor Sarah Pink (Loughborough University)


The Anthropological Association of Ireland invites conference papers from postgraduates and established scholars on the visual and visuality in contemporary societies, and more broadly, on ‘sensory anthropology’. We ask contributors to consider the relationships between diverse practices of creativity and representation, and contemporary norms and forms of anthropological knowledge. Possible areas of inquiry:  How are contemporary art practices and art worlds being shaped by shifts in global social and economic relations? What would artistic anthropology and anthropological artistry ‘look’ like today? How do new media (e.g., televisual and digital) necessitate new forms of anthropological research and analysis, including our understandings of established modes of creativity in diverse cultural contexts? How does the proliferation of image-mediated relations shift forms of identity and interpellation, as well as ownership and appropriation? How do new media forms relate to indigenous visual arts and performance practices?  Does a hyper-mediated, globalized world demand a rethinking of conventional ethnographic research practices?

We invite participants to consider papers on the following topics and many more:

• The anthropology of art

• Ethnographic film and photography

• Indigenous media

• Digital media

• Visual arts practice as research

• Sensory and synaesthetic practices in anthropology

• Anthropology of design, design and anthropology

• Semiotic ideologies

• Affect

• The senses and the built environment

Conference Organiser: Professor Terence Wright

Please send a 150 word abstract as a MS word (.doc) document to Terence Wright at

The deadline for abstracts is Friday 1 July 2011