Call For Papers: ICTM Ireland Annual Conference

ICTM Ireland Annual Conference

Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway
21st- 23rd February, 2014

‘Music, Place, and Community’

with a keynote address by Martin Stokes
King Edward Professor of Music, King’s College London

Throughout the history of ethnomusicology, the relationship between music, place, andcommunity has been a central concern. While we no longer occupy ourselves with the ‘musicalmapping’ of the planet, as the early comparative musicologists did, it can be argued that notions of place and community figure even more prominently in current discourse. At the same time,musicians in every locality find novel inspiration in their surroundings and communities, be it geographically or affinity-based. This is partially in response to an increasing sense of displacement, stimulated by the intensification of globalisation, and by the technologies of access that allow us to see (and hear) the world instantly, freely, and without context. What is remarkable today is the resilience of the connections between music, place and community, and the fact that music still ‘evokes and organizes collective memories and presents experiences of place with an intensity, power, and simplicity unmatched by any other social activity’ (Stokes1994).

The theme for this year’s conference invites scholars to address the complexities of imagined,constructed, and contested relationships between musics, places and communities. Papers thataddress the following topics will be especially welcome:

– musical constructions of place

– music and boundaries

– music and ‘placelessness’

– performing local music

– acoustemologies and soundscapes

– musical communities (real, imagined, physical, virtual)

– music and relocation/migration- music, the nation, the trans-nation

– music and the local

Conference conveners welcome submissions of 200 word abstracts from all relevant academic fields. Session presentations will be 20 minutes long. Shorter postgraduate presentations of works in progress may also be considered. ICTM Ireland aims to include an even mix of research on Irish and non-Irish case studies. Once again we particularly welcome short (10 minute max) video extract submissions, which will be shown between panel sessions.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, 25th November 2013.

Abstracts can be sent to