Ed Emery

Institution Affiliation: Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


Ed Emery is a revolutionary activist, musicologist and archivist. His PhD research [pending] is on the Arabic and Hebrew muwashshah and zajal dance songs of al-Andalus, 1100-1300. He is a Research Associate at SOAS (Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies), and is the principal organiser of the “Maqam Project @ SOAS”, the “Kurdish Songbook Project”, the SOAS Ceilidh Band, the SOAS Rebetiko Band, the SOAS Arabic Band and the SOAS Guerrilla Choir, which are projects supported by the SOAS Student’s Union organisation.  All of which leaves just enough time to translate the theatre works of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, and the political writings of Antonio Negri.

Maqam Project: www.youtube.com/user/MaqamProject

Kurdish Songbook Project: www.facebook.com/kurdish.songbook