ICTM Ireland Annual Conference 18th-20th February 2011

ICTM Ireland Annual Conference
Magee College, University of Ulster, Derry/Londonderry


As has been made clear by Small (1998), Turino (2008), Keil and Feld (1994) amongst many others, there is no such thing as a ‘passive’ consumption of music. Each musical experience involves stimulation, recognition, interpretation, evaluation, and often provokes a socially meaningful response. These processes are influenced by both the listener’s own ‘musical background’ and shared cultural meanings.

The central focus of this conference will concern the nexus of musical audition on the one hand and the listener’s responses on the other. Themes we will attempt to investigate may include;

* Listening and memory
* Learning to listen
* The role of media in dislocating music from a fixed social context
* Cross-cultural listening
* Differences between musicians’ and non-musicians’ modes of listening
* The cultural politics of public audition
* Age, gender and interpretation

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