Notice for ICTM Ireland AGM

Dear ICTM Ireland members,


At the AGM to be held on Friday, 21 February during the ICTM Annual Conference in NUI Galway, it will be necessary to replace members of the national committee who are standing down after their full term of office. As has been previous practice, in order to best maintain the administrative continuity of the committee, members who still have time left on their term of office are appointed to the leading positions of the committee. For this purpose, the executive committee proposes that Daithí Kearney (currently Treasurer) is appointed to the position of Chair. This change of role will be subject to ratification at the AGM, and will not extend his period of service.


The positions that will be made available for those wishing to put themselves forward will be: Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. Candidates may nominate themselves for these posts, and should there be a number of interested parties an election will be held at the AGM itself. Membership of the national committee is for a term of three years.


Queries about the posts or the committee, and nominations should be sent to the current Hon Secretary at:

Nominations will close at 6pm, Tuesday, 18 February.


Please also read through the minutes and annual report below from the 2013 AGM held in Queen’s University Belfast.


Best wishes,

ICTM-Ireland Committee


ICTM Ireland

Annual General Meeting

7 April 2013 Queen’s University Belfast




National Committee:

Orfhlaith Ni Brian (Chair), Jaime Jones (Hon Secretary), Sheryl Lynch (Education

Officer), Ioannis Tsioulakis (Information Officer)


In Attendance:

Suzel Reily, Colin Quigley, Aoife Granville, Desi Wilkinson, Liz Doherty, Verena

Commins, Ray Casserly, Jonathan Stock, Sven Kjeldsen, Jeremy


1/ Apologies

Apologies were received from Daithi Kearney, Michael Hackett, Tony Langlois, and

Helen Gubbins.


2/ Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 2012 AGM were reviewed and approved.


3/ Matters arising (which are not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda)

No matters were arising which were not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


4/ Chairperson’s Report

The full chairperson’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General Report.


5/ Hon Secretary’s Report

The full secretary’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General Report.


6/ Hon Treasurer’s Report

The full treasurer’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General Report.


7/ Communication Officer’s Report

The full communication officer’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General



8/ Membership Officer’s Report

The full membership officer’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General Report.


9. Education Officer’s Report

The full education officer’s report is available in the 2013 Annual General Report.


9/ CD

Thanks were given to Tony Langlois, Desi Wilkinson, and Aoife Granville for all of the

work that went into the production of the CD. The committee reported their plans to

sell copies of the CD online through the ICTMIE website. Copies will also be sent to

the contributors. In addition, Tony Langlois will be bringing copies of the CD for

distribution at the ICTM conference in Shanghai this summer. It was determined that

we would use basecamp as a way to communicate the ways in which the CD will be

distributed (between the project team an the national committee). Plans for a

second CD were also discussed. Desi Wilkinson expressed a couple of concerns

regarding inclusivity, and suggested that we make an effort to include musicians

and scholars who are not currently positioned in third-level institutions in terms of

the distribution of this CD and the content of the second.


10/ Journal

Colin Quigley reported that volume II of Ethnomusicology Ireland was in its final

stages of editing and should be online shortly. Of eleven submissions, five articles

will be published. All members of ICTMIE were asked to help with soliciting future

submissions (including our own work) and potentially to become involved with the

review process. It was announced that Liz Doherty and Tony Langlois will comprise

the editorial group for next year’s volume. It was also reported that the committee

has taken the decision to make the journal accessible to all on the ICTM Ireland

website for the first four to five years of its existence. At that stage, once the journal

is better established, we can consider other means of circulation and syndication

(such as SWETS or JStor).


11/ Election of new committee members

Two current national committee members were nominated and voted into new

positions within the committee. Jaime Jones was elected to the position of Chair

and Ioannis Tsioulakis was elected to the position of Hon Secretary. In addition, Ray

Casserly was elected to the committee, taking the post of Communications Officer.

All of these nominations were uncontested.

During this discussion, a constitutional issue arose. It was brought to the attention

of the membership that there is potential problem with the 2012 amendment

allowing current committee members to be ratified into new positions within the

committee. A possible outcome of this is that we have a series of officers serving

their roles for a year at a time. This is potentially most problematic in terms of the

position of Chair (for example, last year ONiB was elected to the post for the final

year of her three-year term, and the same has happened this year with JJ). It was

proposed that a further amendment to the constitution be made, that would allow

current committee members to be re-elected to the committee for one additional


This proposal was accepted and voted upon, with a unanimous vote to amend the

constitution. The change in can be found in the current copy of the constitution,

highlighted in red.

NB. After the AGM, it was discovered that, according to the same constitution,

amendments to the constitution must be submitted two weeks prior to the AGM and

put on the agenda. Since these regulations were not followed, the committee will resubmit

the amendment at the 2014 AGM in order to ensure proper procedure is



12/ AOB

Conference 2013

Suzel Reily expressed her thanks to ICTMIE and BFE for the honour of serving as

the conference chair. She gave thanks to a number of institutions and individuals,

listed below:

o QUB School of Creative Arts, who donated ₤4750 for the

conference, making possible the invitation to external speakers

for the plenary session

o Belfast City Council, who sponsored wine reception

o external speakers

o the conference committee:

§ Noel Lobley and Ioannis Tsioulakis – programme

§ Ray Casserly and Gordon Ramsey – local arrangments

o QUB school secretaries

§ Audrey Smith

o QUB colleagues in creative arts and anthropology

o student volunteers

o musicians

o videographer/photographer

Conference 2014

It was announced that the next Annual ICTMIE Annual Conference would take place

in Galway, at the Centre for Irish Studies at NUI Galway in February 2014. Verena

Commins has generously agreed to take on the responsibility of local arrangements.


ICTM Ireland – Annual Report – 7 April 2013
1. Chairperson’s Report
Since the last annual meeting the committee has been as busy as ever, with new
members, Mike, Daithi and Sheryl bringing their energy and expertise to the table.
We have worked to raise the profile of ICTM Ireland and to increase membership. It
was decided at last years AGM to run the 2013 conference as a joint event with the
BFE. We are extremely thankful to Suzel and her colleagues for facilitating this
collaboration and combining with us for this years; event. We are also indebted to
Ioannis for acting as the ICTM Ireland representative on the conference committee
and for helping to further increase the profile of ICTM Ireland and broaden the scope
and scale of the conference through the collaboration of BFE. The number and high
standard of abstract submissions increases each year, which suggests a growing
faith in the value of the event. The committee are thankful to the presenters,
volunteers, technical support, and of course the musicians, whose contributions are
invaluable in terms of bringing about an effective, yet friendly, national conference.
We are especially grateful to this year’s esteemed keynote speaker, Prof Leslie Gay
(University of Tennessee) to Professor Therese Smith (UCD) who introduced him,
and to you our delegates who enriched the conference by your presence and
Besides the conference we have had a number of projects in train over the year. Our
Spéis online bulletin continues to inform and link us as an academic community,
thanks entirely to Sheryl Lynch who is also the driving force behind the annual postgraduate
skills development day, renamed Misneach but continuing the energy and
vision of its predecessor the Insight Track’ . The event, which was held at U.C.D
Dublin in October, received great feedback from all who attended.
Thanks to Colin Quigley, the editor of our peer-reviewed online journal,
‘Ethnomusicology Ireland’. We anticipate that the second edition will be live
imminently and we would like to thank all concerned for their efforts. We can
announce the Dr Liz Doherty and Dr Tony Langlois will be taking over editorial
responsibility for the next edition and we are continuing our work to syndicate the
journal in the future.
The CD Fieldwork project, led by Desi Wilkinson, has been completed and was
launched this weekend. Thanks also to Tony Langlois and Aoife Granville for their
unfailing support for and dedication to this project Theactual discs were unavoidably
delayed but will be available next week. This project was funded by the Arts
Council/An Chomhairle Éalaíon, to whom we offer thanks again for their support.
In July of 2012 ICTM Ireland was represented at the Ethnochoreology sub group
symposium held at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of
Limerick.. We also ran our inaugural Notes on Notes performance symposium in
Dundalk in November 2012. Traditional music was the focus of this years’ event and
thanks to Daithi for leading it. We hope to continue these events in the coming
Finally, as this is the end of a term of office for me, I would like to thank the team for
a very busy but satisfying three years. I have had the privilege of learning the ropes
from Liz, Tony and Thomas and continuing the journey with Jaime, Ioannis, Sheryl
Daithi and Mike. I will continue to be an active member of the organization and
naturally remain involved in ICTM Ireland’s various projects and sub-committees,
however, it is important that others in the organization have an opportunity to
ICTM Ireland – Annual Report – 7 April 2013
contribute to its continuing evolution. The strength of the organisation is its ability to
use the wide range of skills and talents brought to it by the membership.
I wish you continued success and assure you all of my support for your future
ventures. Go n-éirí libh amach anseo.
Dr Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain
2. Hon Secretary’s Report
The current national committee comprises five members; Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain
(Chair), Jaime Jones (Hon Sec), Daithí Kearney (Treasurer), Sheryl Lynch
(Education Officer), Michael Hackett (Membership Officer) Ioannis Tsioulakis
(information Officer).
Over the last year the committee have met three times in Dublin in order to take care
of both regular business and the organisation of special events. In between these
meetings, we have held three online conference meetings for shorter updates. The
committee has also been liaising with Colin Quigley, journal editor and convener of
the editorial subgroup, and with Tony Langlois and Desi Wilkinson, who have
headed up the Fieldwork CD project.
Ethnomusicology Ireland
The second edition of Ethnomusicology Ireland, the online journal for ICTM Ireland,
is about to come out, and we are very pleased with the quality of the content. The
committee has taken the decision to make the journal completely free and
accessible to all on the ICTM Ireland website for the first four to five years of its
existence. At that stage, once the journal is better established, we can consider
other means of circulation and syndication (such as SWETS or JStor). The
committee thanks Colin Quigley for all of his hard work in getting the second edition
of the journal out, and welcomes Liz Doherty and Tony Langlois, who have agreed
to take up editorial positions for the next volume.
Fieldwork CD
We are absolutely delighted to launch Fieldwork, a CD project that highlights field
recordings collected by ethnomusicologists based in Ireland, at the joint conference
this year. The CD, which consists of 24 tracks and a 24-page booklet with
descriptive notes on each recording, provides both a useful teaching resource and a
showcase on the diversity and history of ethnographic musical research in Ireland.
The CD is the culmination of a great deal of work by Desi Wilkinson, Tony Langlois,
and Aoife Granville, and we extend to them our sincere gratitude. We are also
grateful to the Arts Council, who provided the funding for this project.
Annual Conference 2012
Last year’s annual conference, Movement and Music, took place in late February in
Trinity College Dublin’s Long Room Hub. The theme of the conference stimulated
the largest response we have seen in terms of proposal submissions, and the 22
papers that were presented truly represented the diversity of topics and theoretical
perspectives taken up by our members. The conference featured a keynote by
ICTM Ireland – Annual Report – 7 April 2013
Salwa Castelo-Branco, whose presentation brought into focus many of the themes
that emerged during the panel presentations. We are very grateful to Jonathan
Stock for so ably introducing her, and also for stepping in at the last moment to
provide an eloquent and thoughtful set of closing remarks. The event was very wellattended,
and we received a very nice letter from Professor Castelo-Branco
afterwards, commending both the scope and the quality of ethnomusicological
research being fostered by ICTM in Ireland.
Jaime Jones
Hon. Secretary
3. Treasurer’s Report
Starting Balance February 2012 5,976.78
Income Euro
Notes on Notes 120
Misneach 55
Arts Council 1800
Student 9@15 + 5@10 185
Ordinary 26@ 25 650
Total Income 2810
Meetings/ Admin 300
Basecamp 120
Insight Track 450
Hosting Ireland 69.14
Cork University Press 1,000
Kercorp Domain Renewal 44.23
Notes on Notes Lunch 31.4
Tax 5.5
Expenditure 2020.27
Profit Margin 789.73
Starting Balance March 2013 (Ulster
Bank) 6006.33
Paypal 1,406.74
Daithí Kearney
Hon. Treasurer
ICTM Ireland – Annual Report – 7 April 2013
4. Education Officer’s Report
I produced an edition of Spéis for May 2012 and October 2012.
May’s edition featured a review of the ICTM annual conference while the May
edition had a special CD launch section, which was received well by members. The
call for submissions for May’s edition are now out and this edition will feature a
review of Misneach and the upcoming BFE and ICTM conference.
I organised the annual ICTM postgraduate event in UCD on October 20th 2012.
This was a workshop event and we ended up with six participants. While student
feedback was really positive, the strategy for next year’s event will be different in
order to try and drawn more students. The ICTM Postgraduate Conference 2013 will
take place in UCD in October. We will put a call for papers out in the May Spéis
edition. Hosting an event where students can put a paper on their CV will hopefully
provide an extra incentive to participate in the event.
I have set up a meeting with the BFE education officer (to be held at the Belfast
conference) in order to merge our postgraduate community and attract BFEaffiliated
scholars to our 2013 postgraduate conference.
Sheryl Lynch
Education Officer
5. Membership Officer’s Report
ICTM Ireland currently has 80 members, of these 44 are student members, the
remaining 36 are ordinary members. The current membership number, whilst lower
than the previous year, has improved over the course of 2012. This can be
attributed to several factors:
1. The ICTM-Ireland’s ‘Notes on Notes’ music workshops initiative
which took place at Dundalk Institute of Technology in November
which drafted in a number of new members.
2. Reconciliation of lapsed members yielded a number of
membership renewals.
It is also possible that the protracted issues and difficulties the online membership
facility affected new membership sign-ups. With the assistance of the finance and
communications officers this issue has now been resolved and membership
numbers are increasing.
As membership officer I have reviewed and reconciled all membership data, both
old and current identifying lapsed members. A once off general email to lapsed
members resulted in a number of renewed memberships. A fresh batch of reminder
emails will be sent post conference.
Mike Hackett
Membership Officer
ICTM Ireland – Annual Report – 7 April 2013
6. Communication Officer’s Report
I have completed my second year in the position of Communications Officer to
which I was elected in 2011. Since then, my responsibilities have comprised the
maintenance of the ICTM-Ireland website (, the moderation of the ICTM
Ireland email list, the organisation’s outreach through electronic social networks
(facebook) and the circulation of news items and announcements within the
membership group and to other relevant organisations (BFE, ICTM, IASPM and so
on). In the past 12 months, I have also served as the ICTM-Ireland representative in
the committee for the organisation of the 2013 Joint BFE/ICTM-Ireland conference
in Belfast. This opportunity has provided our organisation with a unique opportunity
of outreach, especially in Europe and the US. Subject to AGM ratification on the 7th
of April, I will be stepping down from my current position and adopting the position
of Hon. Secretary of the Committee.
Ioannis Tsioulakis
Communication Officer