PhD Scholarship in Music and Urban Regeneration – UCC

Three-year PhD Scholarship in Music and Urban Regeneration
at Music Department, University College Cork, Ireland

What role might music-related outreach initiatives play in the revitalization
of urban communities? How does music interact with other cultural practices in
fostering community and renewal in the city? What form might an effective
community outreach music project take? What methods might be used to assess
the impact of such a project? These are some of the defining questions of an
exciting new funded three-year PhD research project based in the Department of
Music at University College Cork (UCC). This research will be
interdisciplinary in scope, with methodologies potentially drawn from
ethnography, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, cultural geography and the
sociology of music.

Although the field of enquiry will be international in scope, the findings of
the project are expected to enrich and inform the Department’s policies and
plans for community outreach within Cork. In addition to engaging in research
leading to the submission of a PhD thesis, the recipient will be expected to
contribute to the administration of the Department’s Fuaim programme of public
events and to the development and expansion of UCC-led music projects in the
city of Cork.

One scholarship will be awarded, to the value of €20,000 per year for three
years, with registration for PhD (or PhD track) beginning July 2011. Please
note that the annual PhD fee of approximately €5,770 will be automatically
deducted from the total value of the scholarship.

Applications are invited from candidates with academic qualifications
appropriate for entry to doctoral-level research. In addition, applicants
should be able to demonstrate appropriate experience in arts management and/or
community-based music projects. Local knowledge of Cork is not an essential
requirement. The minimum entry qualification for the PhD programme is a
masters degree. However, applicants without a masters degree but with a
primary degree awarded with First Hons or Upper-Second Hons (‘2H1’) are also
encouraged to apply, because they would be eligible for registration on a ‘PhD
track’. A candidate accepted for PhD track will be subject to a review within
12 to 18 months from the date of registration and may then, on the
recommendation of the Head of Department and the supervisor(s) and with the
approval of the College, transfer to the PhD.

Applicants are asked to submit (1) a comprehensive CV that details their
experience and includes a list of their publications, dissertations, etc.; (2)
a 1000-word research proposal outlining their engagement with the primary aims
of the project. Proposals should address the following:
• core research questions;
• proposed investigative and analytical methodologies;
• potential secondary research sources (including an appropriate bibliography).

The closing date for applications is 3 July 2011. Applications should be
delivered by email to Ms Carmel Daly at Informal enquiries may
be directed to Dr Mel Mercier at For information on the
Department of Music, UCC, see

Please note that award of this scholarship will be made subject to the
recipient then applying for and being accepted into UCC’s PhD programme
through the Postgraduate Application Centre. There is a separate application
process for the scholarship and the PhD programme itself. Programme
application through the Postgraduate Application Centre should only be made
once notification of the scholarship award has been received.

Department of Music
School of Music and Theatre
University College Cork