ICTM Ireland Postgraduate Conference 2013

ICTM Postgraduate Conference 2013

Music and Ownership


This year’s Postgraduate conference will take place on Saturday, November 9th, in University College, Dublin.

We invite postgraduate students at all stages of their study, with an interest in music, performance, ethnomusicology and education, to attend. The conference will explore:

1. What does it mean ‘to own’ music and how is this mediated/manipulated?

2. Who owns, for example, Irish music and how can concepts of regional styles help or hinder this enquiry?

3. Online video hosting sites, social networking, and copyright: how can a discussion of musical recordings inform our understanding of virtual creative ownership?

4. How can the study of oral traditions of music problematise/reinforce ideas of ownership?

5. How can diasporic musical practices contest or support traditional tropes of ownership?
The conference offers a great opportunity to meet fellow students working in a similar field to you, and affords you the experience of presenting an academic paper among your peers. The event will take place in the Humanities Institute, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4 and costs just €10.

Download our PDF poster for the ICTM Postgraduate Conference 2013.

Please confirm your intention to attend by emailing Sheryl Lynch at speis@ictm.ie